Putting excellence first

While the world of work is rapidly changing – transformed by digital innovation and the COVID-19 pandemic – our high standards remain constant. Matching your needs and regulatory requirements to the latest service innovations, we draw on knowledge from across our global organisation to help you create places that will work even better.


A systematic approach

Across industries, rules and regulations vary. But what doesn’t change is the need for quality and compliance. Our commitment to high standards is embedded in our processes and practices. We pride ourselves on:

  • Meeting your needs with the highest levels of service  
  • Ensuring healthy and safe work environments 
  • Managing human and labour rights processes in line with local and international regulations 
  • Maintaining a responsible supply chain 
  • Reducing our environmental footprint wherever possible 
  • Mitigating risks through internal processes, smart technology and ongoing development of our people  

NL case - Accenture


How Accenture and 亿宝彩票app’s Vested partnership drives positive outcomes

At 亿宝彩票app, we believe in bringing ever more value to our customers through truly collaborative partnerships. Our Vested partnership with Accenture exemplifies this approach – and has resulted in a drop in absenteeism and increased employee engagement and productivity.

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Acknowledged for excellence

Our customers benefit from the latest and best industry knowledge from around the world. Through our Centres of Excellence, we ensure that tools, technology and processes are tried and tested, while also staying up-to-date with the latest trends. It is this approach that underpins our award-winning reputation for global excellence.

Every year, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) highlights the ‘best of the best’ in the outsourcing industry, celebrating companies that have been consistently at the top of The Global Outsourcing 100 (GO100) ranking. In 2019, 亿宝彩票app received special recognition for our achievement of topping that list year after year and leading the development of the outsourcing industry. 


Cyber risk assessment

The Global Risk Exchange assessment methodology identifies both inherent and residual risk and uses near real-time threat analysis and independent evidence validation to provide customers with a holistic view of their third-party cyber risk posture.

亿宝彩票app has answered over 400 security questions – and their assessment has been validated and reported on by leading assurance firms.

Request the reporthttp://assess.processunity.com/issworldservicesasassessment/p/1-1/

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